Monday, July 06, 2009

THAT list

One of the first blogs to catch my attention and inspire me to start my own blog was Sugarbutch Chronicles. Sinclair’s writing on gender and sexuality helped me and challenged me to think about my own identity and how I describe myself.

Thank you Sinclair.

I’m always delighted when Sugarbutch pops up in my reader. The post could be anything from thoughts on gender theory to a sex toy review to some delicious smut. So imagine the smile on my face when I saw “Top Hot Butches 2009”. I went straight over to have a look and left an appreciative comment.

And then, while I was away enjoying my birthday, the shit hit the fan across the internets. The list was this and the list was that. I read the (mostly) thought provoking comments and responses and again, was challenged and learnt a thing or two. That’s why I bother with this place really.

So thanks again Sinclair (and the panel, of course).

I don’t agree with EVERYTHING that any blogger has to say about sex / gender / sexuality or anything else for that matter, ALL of the time. Also, I mostly don’t have the confidence to write about my own stuff on those fronts, or even sometimes comment and it’s largely for fear of being shat on for saying something “wrong”. My own stuff, I know, but I think it’s likely that many people feel like I do and self censor out of fear of backlash and that sucks.

I hope that the furore over THAT list doesn’t stifle the constructive discussions “we” need to have. “We” is a very loose term indeed.

That is all.