Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here goes..............

Well, here goes! My first post. In a few moments I’ll no longer be a blog virgin and would have committed myself to starting and maintaining this message in a bottle.

What am I doing here? Processing, I guess. So, some context – a little more stuff about me:

I’m 43 and came to describe myself as femme early last year. My emerging identity (together with some other bumps along the way) resulted in my ending a long term relationship with a (very special) man. I’m now deeply in love with my girlfriend, P, and have been for sometime.

I describe myself as femme because that is what I am, and, importantly, what I’ve always been. “Lesbian” is a term that I don’t choose because, for me, it has a meaning that does not describe me for the first 41 years of my life – where as “femme” (and “queer”) do precisely that.

On good days, I would compare my journey to a happy, no, joyous, awakening and on bad days to a very difficult birth (not that I have any idea what that feels like!).

At the moment I’m endeavouring to move forward and build a life that is intentional and owned. I’m also trying to feel guilt-free about that, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

My endeavours have been and are hugely supported by P, TSM (The Special Man), femmeismygender, Holden and friends & family. I’m a very lucky woman.

This blog will be framed around the fact that I want to remain anonymous, because for me this means, less attention to censorship. I hope it works out that way!

Have to sign out for now – P has just emerged from a soak in the bath and well…………


femmeismygender said...

Hello Rose, and welcome to blogland! It's good to see you here (at last)
We are looking forward to reading more of your experiences - great start xxxxx
femmeismygender and Holden

PerryD said...

Queer Rose- you are truly beautiful. You make my days shine and my nights twinkle.
Because of you I carry a smile around in my heart.
I love your courage, your strength and your passion to be true to yourself and others.
I have decided to not intrude upon your blog unless you invite me to do so.
I hope it brings you whatever it is you want it to- and more much more.

Deepest love


Butch Boo said...

Lovely- ain't ya!

Freedomgirl said...

yay! welcome!

QueerRose said...

Dear femmeismygender, PerryD, Butch Boo and freedomgirl - thank you all very much