Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad blogger!

Ooh I’m a bad blogger! It’s been weeks since my last post. (Religious reference unintentional.)

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve been very busy with work, which has been fantastic because until recently I was finding it pretty impossible to apply myself in a rabbit in headlights kind of way. Perhaps now some bills will get paid! The possibility of bankruptcy is still real though and I’ve been writing letters and making phone calls, continuing my efforts to sort it out. Whatever. I really don’t give a shit. You can’t see me but I’m smiling.

Most of all, I’ve been enjoying good mental health! Yippee! Thank you Prozac.

On the blog front, whilst I haven’t been posting or commenting I have been reading. I’ve also written two posts – one about my relationship with my ex and the other is “my story” for Equality is Always Right. Still have to do some fiddling with those, but hope to post them soon.

I haven’t drafted the next instalment of my latest Talking Dirty escapade as yet but I have been getting lots of inspiration. Ahem.

In short - life is good. Didn’t I tell you everything was going to be alright?!



femmeismygender said...

Morning dear! Nice to see you feeling so upbeat :-)
see you soon xxxxxxx fimg

JaneyRuth said...

Can't wait for the talking dirty thing....


~wicked~ said...

happy to see you posting again...you've been missed ;-)


Sweet Melissa said...

Talking dirty? You have my attention. :)

Life is good. Glad you think so too.

QueerRose said...

Dear f.i.m.g. thanks and thank you for your support. Hope to see you in the nest week or so x

JaneyRuth and Sweet Melissa - hello and welcome! Will get on to Talking Dirty very soon! x

Wicked - it's so lovely to be missed! x