Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just for the record

Just for the record and in no particular order my goals for 2009 are:

  1. Be better at keeping in touch with friends

  1. See my sisters more often

  1. Sort out my finances - Well, that sounds easy! Not! I haven’t blogged about my financial ditch in a while, so just to update: the ditch has deepened and following the meeting I have on 21st Jan I’ll know whether I’ll be filing for bankruptcy or not. Nuff said.

  1. Move - Very closely connected to No.3 as you can imagine! I’m paying an extortionate amount of rent at the moment and need to economise. (My request for a rent reduction was very politely declined.) I’m feeling quite stressed about moving again because I’ve already moved twice in the last year and a half.

  1. Stop smoking - I’ve been listening to all the signs telling me it’s time to quit. I have an appointment at the doctors on Monday 12th Jan. I have 5 packs of my lovely ciggies left. And, I’m TOTALLY interested in electronic fags.

  1. Improve fitness and lose 10lbs

  1. Send that letter to my dad

  1. Talk with my family about doing something for my mum’s grave

  1. Get a mouth guard - How attractive! Would it surprise you to know that I grind my teeth in my sleep? Thought not.

  1. Continue to be positive and thankful for my blessings & privileges. 2009 IS going to be a good year


Butch Boo said...

11. buy BB a present every day
12. Prepare cooked breakfast (healthy option) every weekend for BB (including button mushrooms)
13. Be the happiest woman on the planet.

There-I've added a few for you!



Anonymous said...

Your goals inspire me. thank you! You're quite right--we do have a lot in common! lol. Thank you also for posting links, I was able to catch up on teh back story to some of you goals...Here's sending you all the positive energy from the states, wishing you the very best for 2009!

QueerRose said...

Dear Boo,
11. I don't live near any 98p shops - well not yet anyway.
12. How can I say this? Hang on... NO!
13. Done.

Dear Jeff,
Thanks for your very thoughtful comments on my blog. Wishing you the best too.


agente said...

lol. sorry about that england remark. sometimes i get carried away with sarcasm, in case you hadn't noticed;) anyways, hope your new year is going as planned!!!

Dar said...

Oh, I seem to have popped in on a lover's spat of some sort. ... Um, do you and Butch know each other. (grin)

... One of these days I should write that letter to my dad too. ... but not today.

Dar said...

Happiest woman on the planet doesn't sound too bad.... :)

QueerRose said...

Dear Agente, welcome! I totally got the sarcasm! I love it and I love your blog too. My year so far is pretty good thanks. Update coming soon. QRx

Dear Dar, welcome! Yep. Me & BB = happiest woman on the planet! But don't tell her that. Love your blog. Keep on keeping on. QRx

Sweet Melissa said...

These sound like great goals. I read the father post. I think I'll make one of my goals to write mine a letter telling him that I forgive him for picking me up by the neck, shoving me against a wall, & telling me I "would not be gay" twenty years ago. I forgive you Dad. I know you were just scared for me back then & you have accepted me for who I am & still love me. I forgive you.

Stop smoking, Rose. It's killing ya!

Leo MacCool said...

i think you should reconsider #12. cause button mushrooms really rock a fried breakfast.

these are inspiring goals & i wish you lots of luck with them. i wish i could offer to help you move but alas! the plane ticket would be far more than just hiring the "man with a van" or whatever. financial worries suck but they always do seem to pass--i'm hoping yours get sorted easily & quickly.

oh, and i love the one about your sisters. my fg often says similar things. i don't think i have ever made a resolution to see my brothers more often, nor they me. so much easier being a boy. ;)