Monday, January 05, 2009

Quality Street anyone?

The fact that all that remains of a large tin of Quality Street is a small pile of toffees on my kitchen table is a sure sign that Christmas has been and gone and a New Year has arrived.

First of all, thanks to my sister for the Quality Street. Secondly, due to my offending organ getting a reprieve, I've had a mighty fine couple of weeks. Highlights included a really lovely family get together at my place and a wonderful Christmas day complete with a totally scrummy lunch cooked by my totally scrummy girlfriend.

I received lots of lovely pressies including, get this (!), a bicycle from said girlfriend!! Of course, I'll have to work on getting some appropriate cycling outfits together a la "does my bum look big in this?"

This last New Years Eve was the most amazing yet:

In the early evening I went to see X. What can I say? We had a really good chat and talked about our relationship and how it's moving on. It felt hugely liberating for me to tell him how happy I am and to hear him say that he is happy too. Of course, that happiness is framed in the knowledge that wel'l always be connected. He's dating and I'm so glad.

Then, my Boo took me for a nice romantic supper at one of our favourite restaurants. She looked SO handsome in her black velvet dinner jacket and smart shirt & trousers. At dinner she pulled out a paper puzzle that she'd made earlier and during the meal she'd pull it out and ask me to choose a number to reveal one of 12 surprises to come later that night. We were back home before 10. Oh boy! Ahem. Ive said it before and Ill say it again I'M A VERY LUCKY WOMAN. Oh Boo, you make me weak at the knees!

I've so much to be thankful for. I can't remember feeling this positive about a coming year. I think 2009 is going to be great.

A Very Happy New Year to you all.

With love



Running away with the Spoon said...

Best wishes for happiness, joy, and contentment to you and BB for 2009!

Though I can't imagine a year not being spectacular with the irrepressible and entertaining BB!


Butch Boo said...

Shocks both...I'm blushing!

QR you were stunning in your black low cut number- it was near impossible to concentrate on my meal- I just wanted to get you home!!

Yes- I do believe 2009 is going to be a fantastic one indeedie.



Holden said...

Happy New year to both of you. I hope it brings you everything you desire.

love and hugs

tongue-tied said...

happy new year - '09 promises to be quite a ride! xx

Jeff Guard said...

Way to ring in the new year! lol. Wishing you good health, enough prosperity and above all lots and lots of LOVE.

Sublimefemme said...

You and BB are such a charming couple! Much love and happiness to you both in the coming year.


PS What's Quality Street?

QueerRose said...

Thanks everyone! New Year hugs to you all :-)

And, SF, Quality Street are chocolates! Big tins of them are very popular over here at Christmas. They're a mixture of centres (some soft and some with nuts - all pretty OK) but the toffees are horrible - well in my opinion anyway!!