Friday, March 20, 2009


I was in court yesterday. At the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand – where, last year, the inquest in to the deaths of Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diana took place and where the Court of Appeal hears miscarriages of justice – just the other day freeing a man who has spent the last 27 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. And then yesterday, my bankruptcy.

I was expecting the BBC to be there but no. :-)

My brother, who has been SO supportive and generally wonderful, was there with me. (Boo has been in Spain for the last week and is back tomorrow – Yippee!). I was very glad of his support cos I was more than a bit wobbly. The process was straightforward enough, but you know…

The Courts are an amazing warren of corridors & staircases leading to a multitude of grand, imposing court rooms and halls. You can almost taste the pomp, ceremony, legal bills, judge’s dusty wigs - and angst. Sounds are respectfully hushed but there is a soft, ambient soundtrack of shuffled papers being rubber-stamped. Thankfully, my bankruptcy petition received six of those stamps.

Now I’m waiting for a call from the Official Receiver to find out how long the order will last for, whether they’ll take my car etc. Whatever. And I really mean that.

I’ve been feeling quite tired today. I think getting to this point has been pretty exhausting to be honest. I feel relieved and although I haven’t had the euphoria yet, I’m sure it’ll come. I am, after all, debt-free, and how many people can say that?

Onwards and upwards



Anonymous said...

The biggest of hugs, hope you are resting and feeling better? Love you, fimg xxxxxxx

~wicked~ said...

QR, i sit with tears flowing...i think you are such an amazing are weathering such difficult storms with grace, beauty, humour and positivity...i so wish i could be more like, not handling my shitty life too well hence why i've been silent for so long but i just had to tell you how special you really thoughts and best wishes with you always

Grumpy Granny said...

QR, I hope all goes well for you. I had to file bankruptcy in the US right after my daughter was born, due to a philandering husband who loved to use MY credit. I learned my lesson, and do think bankruptcy can be a blessing and a help when things just cannot be managed any other way.

I'll be thinking of you!!

PS - I once toured the Royal Courts on a visit to London when I was working for a lawyer--she was dying to know what they were like!

Butch Boo said...

I was there baby-

I was hiding in the back of the court in a dirty old rain coat flashing (my camera that is!

It's almost done and dusted now!

Can't wait til Spain baby



Dar said...

Thinking of you with a cup of tea, watching the view from your big windows, shifting the gears in your head and getting your life back to order. ... Onward and upwards is right. You go Grrl! :)


Running away with the Spoon said...

Hugs to you QR. All my best thoughts, hopes and wishes! And glad did not have to go to court all alone, but your dear brother and your dear Boo with you in flesh and in spirit.

QueerRose said...

f.i.m.g, I've been resting up and am feelng better thanks. Think these next 2 weeks will help me calm right down and stop being so much of a fidget. Love you too

Wicked - I'm not all grace, beauty, humour & positivity you know! Sometimes I'm in a really dark place and not coping at all. So maybe we're not so dissimilar after all? Thanks for your kind words though and thoughts and best wishes to you too. Like I said over at yours, things WILL get better.

GG - You're SO right. When you get to this place then bankruptcy is a blessing - a fresh start. I Haven't forgotten about the tag by the way - Boo is taking her laptop to Spain so we'll be blogging from there and I love tags so I'm looking forward to doing that.

Boo - You're always around in spirit. And only a few hours now and we'll be in Spain. Yippee!

Dar - That's a very regular scene in my flat! Hope the aches & pains have eased up?

Running away with the spoon - I keep saying it, but it's SO true - I'm a very lucky woman.

Well, it's 7am right now and I have to take my Boo her coffee and wake her up. I'll say it again I'M A VERY LUCKY WOMAN!!!

With love

Dar said...

Thanks Rose; I'm feeling much better except for the back of my thighs which I'm thinking will take awhile to get use to all that squatting.

... I'm thinking that Boo is a lucky woman as well... Coffee in bed. Now that's the life. :)