Sunday, March 15, 2009


Blimey! What a few weeks I’ve had! Let’s see, I’ve moved twice, had my gall bladder out and been moving the bankruptcy machine closer to it’s final destination.

The move to X’s place was…. good on paper but in reality not so. I was there for a week and it was really hard on all of us. But, something very positive came out of it, in that X articulated some of his feelings about the end of our relationship. In fact, he seems to have found a whole new zest for life and is using words not in his vocabulary before like “feelings” and “happy.” All good stuff.

During the week I was at X’s place I actually spent most nights with my Boo (who has been amazingly lovely by the way) and one evening we were sitting around chatting with Denver who is Boo’s ex and best friend. (Lesbians! Honestly!)

I like Denver a lot, she’s smart and kind and has a really dry sense of humour that has me in stitches. Anyway, Denver’s job involves giving benefits advice and there I was with no income and homeless. So, she gave me a good talking to about what I was entitled to claim. Cos who knows, right? Well, I didn’t. I’ve never claimed any state benefits before and even though it doesn’t sit well with me I had no choice but to swallow my pride and do it.

So, I’ve been signed off sick by my GP (with depression – thanks again to my good friend Prozac) and I’m receiving Employment and Support Allowance which pays the princely sum of £60.50 a week. Yikes! And I’m claiming Housing Benefit which pays all of my rent – or at least it will do when it comes through (come on people!).

Which leads on nicely to where I’m living…… you wouldn’t believe it! I’ve moved in to a lovely flat in East London that has floor to ceiling windows in the lounge and overlooks a river and park!! I’m also only a five minute walk away from my Boo. It is THE nicest place that I’ve lived in a long time. The sun rises directly in front of me and I am entranced by the barges and canoes that use the river. Did I mention the swans, coots, cormorants and herons? Did I mention that I can see all of this not just from the panorama offered by the lounge window but from my BALCONY?! I swear someone is looking over me. And doing the best job of it too!

Of course, the most wonderful part of all of this is the continuing and overwhelming amount of love and support from my Boo and friends and family.

The Lovely f.i.m.g. came up to see me last week (she really is Lovely you know) and sorted me out with my internet connection. Wherefrom I speak to you now. She’s coming on Tuesday with muffins. Yummy! Can’t wait! We’ll be exchanging lots of money saving tips and recipes. Queer Rose will be baking!!

I’ve filled in my bankruptcy forms and will be popping along to the High Court in London next week to file for the big B. It will be a huge relief to get that done and dusted I can tell you.

As you may already know, me and Boo are taking our relationship to a whole other level by getting….. a dog. Hopefully in April / May. Can’t do it before then cos we’re off to Spain for two weeks at the end of the month – cheap flights and a free apartment you see. HOW AMAZING IS MY LIFE?!

I’ve missed Blogland and can’t wait to catch up with you all. Put the kettle on, I’ll be with you shortly.

With love



Anonymous said...

Hurrah! you are back!
I will indeed see you Tuesday, with muffins and recipes aplenty :-)
Love you
fimg x

Holden said...

Welcome back, I've missed you! Hope to see you, Boo and your beautiful new flat soon. And sit on the balcony in the sun watching the delights of the river.
love & hugs
H xxx

R said...

Wow! Looks like you have had a lot going on! Welcome back!! hates word verification said...

Holy hell, girl! Glad you're ok! That's a lot to deal with!

Welcome back to the land of the lost... :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you've checked in and especially that you have some good news for us. That apartment sounds wonderful and that trip to Spain makes me jealous. Good for you both! :)

Butch Boo said...

your new life is going to be wonderful and I'm so enthralled to be part of it.
Love always

Grumpy Granny said...

Man, you have been through it, woman. So glad to hear you are coming out on top again! Spain, eh? And East London? I spent some time in East Dulwich a couple of years ago, anywhere close to that??

By the way, TAG, you're it. Come check it out on my blog and play along!



QueerRose said...

f.i.m.g. - it was lovely to see you on Tuesday. The muffins were both very much appreciated and very unusual!

H - How about lunch here when we get back from Spain?

R - Thank you and nice to see you here.

Tina - Im loving the land of the lost!

Greg - Will be posting some photos of the amazing views. Hope all is well with you

Boo - cant wait to see you baby

GG - Hi GG & thanks for the tag - will pop over to yours shortly to find out more. East Dulwich is in South London! Its nice and leafy there, my brother & an old friend live there. And thats all I can say about it being as Im a North London gal!

Well, Im off to court this morning. Wish me luck!

With love QRx

Dar said...

That apartment and the view out that window should give a boost to start their day with. It sounds wonderful! ... Life isn't so bad when you're broke, you just have to rearrange your priorities some, and you seem to be doing just fine; keep it up Grrl. :)