Friday, May 29, 2009

Calm before a storm?

We collect Gertie, our 8 week old Border Terrier, tomorrow. Goodness gracious! My horoscope says:

Today might feel like the calm before a storm, yet your anticipation of what's ahead may be more ominous than any event on the horizon...Make use of the stillness now by getting ready for the winds of change that will surely blow in the weeks ahead


Well yes, as I've never had a dog before and because I just have to worry about everything, I have been feeling rather anxious about her arrival. Will we bond? Will I love her? Will I be able to pick up her poo? etc etc etc. Boo assures me that it will be fine and if not that she will be full time mum to the little one.

And breathe.

As they, or rather, as you lot on the internets say, in other news...

I've caught the running bug from my dear friend femmeismygender. In fact, I'm sitting here in my gear right now waiting for her to arrive for our first run together. I'm SO in to it! I'll share some stats shortly but I think I'm doing quite well and I'm planning to do a 5K this summer.

The recent focus on Boo's Belly has moved to Boo's Head due to the massive and stressful changes happening for her at work. I'll let her say more about that. I bought a reward chart for the Belly Project with stick on stars and everything and will be adapting it once I work out how. It seems quite complicated but maybe I'm being dense. Probably!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a fabulous one!

With love (and a little puppy love)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new arrival tomorrow - how exciting!

Run like the wind, QR!!

Jen said...

Good luck with the puppy!!! It will be great. Just breathe :) And take lots of pictures!

Running away with the Spoon said...

I got my first pup a few years back, she is almost 5 now, and I love her dearly. I got a pooper scooper, and I lost 70% of my sense of smell, it worked out well for the poop issues. *grin*. You will be absolutely fine. Hurray for you and for Gertie and for Boo!

Enjoy your run! I can walk 5 miles, don't think I can run it, so you have my great admiration!

Looking forward to reading about Boo's belly movement...? M's been using the Wii Fit, and it's been a marvel for her belly.

xx Rs

TheWeyrd1 said...

I have a puppy named Tucker. I got us into training classes RIGHT AWAY and it worked out great. I will say that I kept him on leash for 2 week whenever he was NOT in his kennel. That way I could see when he needed to go out. Reduced the potty accidents tremendously and he learned within two weeks that he was to go outside for such things... After that he only had a few accidents when I didn't take him out when he was obviously ready and I ignored the say...sitting by the door...heh.

QueerRose said...

Hi Greg, thanks and yes I'm running like the wind and really LOVING it.

Hi Jen, nice to see you here. Am breathing and oohing and ahhing!

HI Spoon, so far Gertie's cuteness means that I have been fine dealing with her poo but we'll see how it goes! Have a new post up re the Belly Project.

Hi TheWeyrd1, nice to see you here, you're very welcome. Thanks for he sound advice. Gertie's god mother (!!!!) is buying training classes for her! I suppose it's a bit like paying for a teenager's driving lessons!

Love to all QRx