Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am interrupting my recent and inexcusable blog-silence to say that I am furious.

The Sunday Times sums it up nicely:

House of frauds

…Amid publication of the excesses and abuses of MP’s expenses, the mother of parliaments stood revealed as the mother of all fiddles.

Phantom mortgages, moat cleaning, antique rugs, £8,000 TVs…..the politicians who lay down the laws of the land were shown to be all too grasping and vain.



It seems that if you are a politician and fiddle your expenses, say for example, claiming £16,000 for a mortgage that doesn’t exist (tip of the iceberg by the way), all you have to do is say sorry and promise to pay the money back. What? Not fraud, not gross misconduct leading to dismissal? Seems not. Seems to me that if Joe Bloggs stole £16,000 from their employer, saying sorry just wouldn’t cut it.

One MP even claimed the cost of a couple of porn films that her husband had watched in their hotel bedroom!

So, here we are in the UK in a deepening recession, thousands of people losing their jobs and their homes and bankruptcies at an all time high (my own added to that number of course), and our leaders, those with “moral authority” are completely taking the piss and charging not just the cost of homes or mortgages that don’t exist but the cost of their porn movies to us?


I hope the Official Receiver is as incensed as the rest of the country appears to be when he comes to look at the situations of people like me and deciding whether or not to slap them with 3 year payment orders. Yep, I’m still waiting to hear about that and whether or not they’re going to take my car.

Anyway. Rant over.

Now that blog-silence has been dealt with all I can say is – I’ll be back.

A Furious Femme



femmeismygender said...

Bloody right! I too have been incensed with fury over this. And also the comments by MP's that have been exposed. "I needed good quality bookcases"(£18000!) and "It costs £60000 to keep a second home in London (OH REALLY??). Absolute fuckers the lot of them. fimg x

Butch Boo said...

Inexcusable behaviour! I am shocked at the lack of public outrage- we should be on the streets, downing our tools and refusing to work.
This is theft and fraud on a grand scale-and they should be treated just like any of us minions- we'd be dismissed and face criminal procedings.
Viva La Revolution!


Running away with the Spoon said...

Misuse of public funds for private gain.

More heads should roll, and anyone rich enough to own a fucking Moat, should be forced to return all the money, with interest.

These are the times I miss the old Japanese officials who used to commit ritual suicide to make up for the shame of their bad acts.

You should have little squads to follow these fuckers around when tney dine out or go to events, "Give the money back!" "Thief! Thief! Thief!" Sometimes public humiliation is the only recourse left to the minions.