Friday, April 24, 2009

A butch nurse made me scream

This last week has been heavily punctuated with various appointments, mostly concerning my health / benefits. Highlights included:

Being told by a benefits official that I was a “genuine” case! Most people apparently “have no intention of working”! That particular appointment ended with the guy telling me that he had financial problems and was considering bankruptcy. What did I think? Would he lose his house? Unbelievable.

Having my blood test on Wednesday. Now, I’m terrified of needles and embarrassingly, blood tests make me scream. Shame on me! Imagine my delight when I was called in for my test by a handsome butch nurse! There was a knowing smile and she said “take a seat darlin”. Of course, true to form, I screamed. I’ve never left that surgery with such a broad grin on my face!

In other news, a very dear friend of mine claims to have disproved Einstein’s E=MC(2) theory. That would probably sound weird enough if he were an eminent physicist but he’s an always stoned furniture dealer. He couldn’t tell me too much about it because apparently apart from needing a huge blackboard and lots of chalk, it wasn’t safe to do it over the phone. Yikes! Careful with that weed friend!

Project Boo’s Belly is underway. In fact she’s due for a weigh in, so I’ll report back on that. Also, I still need to devise the rewards / penalties points system.

I have my family coming over tomorrow to celebrate two birthdays. It’s always fun when my mob get together and I’m really looking forward to it. X will be coming too.

I’ve been following the Femmethology tour and have really enjoyed everyone’s contributions. It’s made me think about my own Femme-inity and I want to write again about that at some point. It’s very daunting though when there’s so much insightful stuff out there. For now I’ll just say that I’ve been really feeling how my femmeness has helped me over these past few difficult months. I’ve also been really feeling how my Boo’s butchness spotlights my femmeness. So, another post, another time.

Finally, I am going cross-eyed with the anticipation of collecting Gertie in 5 weeks and 1 day. The countdown begins! Roll on 30th May!

With love



Dar said...

I have a broad grin on my face now too; you're either very good at writing an upbeat post, or life is taking you for a ride and you're on the fly. ... Either way is good; if you can drum it up, then at least it's close enough to your reality for you to imagine it. ... 4 weeks, 6 days! :)

Mizz Andry said...

hi's old ~wicked~ calling in from the new site that i mentioned earlier...anyhow, Gertie is adorable...i like the name too ;-)
Dar is are sounding very energetic and happy....good times ahead, dear friend!

Butch Boo said...

I'll make that bloody nurse scream!
Behave yourself!



QueerRose said...

Hi Dar - a bit of both maybe?

Hey wicked - popping over to your new place right now!

And Boo - I'll try my bestest!


Dar said...

That's not too bad then; I'm still smiling. :)

Dar said...

Just popped in to see how you are doing. I hope no news is good news.... ((((((HUGS)))))))