Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gall - less update

On Thursday morning when I told you about having my gall bladder removed it didn't cross my mind to mention my little sniffle. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning my little sniffle had morphed in to a complete snot-a-thon and I was sent home, offending organ intact. FFS! Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, I will of course, unashamedly, be asking for them again in a little while!

On an everything-happens-for-a-reason tip - my body has been telling me for some time that it doesn't like me smoking any more. Now, I cannot possibly describe the pleasure that smoking my lovely cigarettes gives me, but, I'm going to stop. A few months ago I had a vague plan to stop smoking before my operation, so CLEARLY, the op has been postponed to allow me time to get my act together on that front. Follow my logic? It works for me!

I'll be getting lots of help - starting with a visit to the GP - and will, of course, bore you with the details. But, two things straight up:

Firstly, to all of my smoking friends - you will always be able to smoke in my house. And when I say "in" I mean "in" - I'll never ask you to smoke outside or moan when you light up or even worse, talk to you about quitting (unless you ask).

Secondly, if my best efforts mean that I have a very occassional cigarette, I won't beat myself up - I'll be completely happy with that.

OMG! Me, not smoking, whatever next!!!

Finally, apologies to my dear friend, f.i.m.g, I realise that this is a bit of a shocker! I hope that you haven't fallen off your chair and that you'll still love me!!



femmeismygender said...

Good for you! And no, I haven't fallen off my chair :-)

Butch Boo said...

Baby you do whatever you want/need to and I'll be right there to support you in anyway.