Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boo's belly

Spain was…… very restful indeedy. I’m feeling much better because of it but then having FANTASTIC sex, sleeping lots and eating lots will have that effect I suppose! It was just what I needed. It didn’t matter that the weather was mostly horrid. I arrived back on Sunday with a feint tan on my face and hands, more (cheap) tobacco than you can shake a stick at and Project Boo’s Belly.

Now, let’s get one thing straight from the get go. My Boo is stunning. She is perfect. She does not need to lose any weight. But she has charged me to oversee the loss of her belly. It breaks my heart really because I love every inch of her, and that includes her belly. But what the Boo wants, the Boo gets. And, oh does she! Like the other night when...ahem… I digress...

Boo wants to lose 2 stones. I have no idea where that number has come from but anyway, that’s what I’ll be overseeing from here on in.

I’ve given her THE RULES for her first week, every day she must:

  1. Have breakfast
  2. Drink 3 litres of still water
  3. Have 5 portions of fresh fruit / veg
  4. Eat no more than one slice of bread per day
  5. Eat nothing after 7pm
  6. Eat nothing containing more than 5% fat
  7. Exercise

I’ll be writing up a proper plan this week which will include a points system for penalties and rewards. YUMMY! Any ideas?

I think I’m going to enjoy this. A LOT!!!

Watch this space.



Running away with the Spoon said...

Hmm, must be an epidemic. My beloved M also has a belly project of her own. We have included a challenge: I race her up and down the steps of a very large Presidential monument 2x, and whoever wins gets to determine what they win. I suspect she will select sex as her prize and I will select a very nice dinner and then sex, so either way, I figure I win.

I like the idea of sex as incentives because it's also exercise! Will that work for you and Boo?

And, sorry, how much is a stone in, uh, pounds?

Glad you had a relaxing vacation in Spain!

Butch Boo said...

Boo Hoo!

Rewards: 25 dough nuts
Penalty: No eating salad or lettuce or drinking water for 7 days.

Those are my suggestions.



Dar said...

Yeah I had something in mind, but you just said, what Boo wants, Boo gets. (chuckle) ... I'm not sure you'd be able to hold out if she didn't meet the requirements, ... especially since you love every inch of her and so actually, it's not required. (grin)
... And I have no idea what a stone is, but I know one thing, Boo is going to feel extremely sexy when she looses it. ... I know this from experience. (High five Boo! You dawg you! :)

Anonymous said...

A stone is fourteen pounds.
QR, will chat privately with you re the reward system - I'm sure we can come up with a few ideas ;-) fimg xx

QueerRose said...

Sppon - Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind on the rewards / penalties front! And like fimg says, a stone = 14 pounds.

BB - No.

Dar - Working out the points system is going to be a LOT of fun!

f.i.m.g. - Looking forward to our chat! And those muffins!

An update on the belly - after a recent weigh-in I can tell you that Boo now has 25 pounds to lose. So that's 3 pounds lost already. Well done Boo. Now I just have to work out her reward. Hmmm ;-)