Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lighten up FFS!

Oh OK then.

I was fed up with the very dark background here so I got the decorators in!

Much better methinks.

Anyway, a few small updates from this little corner of Spain:

1. I've been eating for England since we arrived and the half stone I needed to lose before getting to my ideal weight will be out of sight forever if I carry on at this rate! So, I'll be checking myself from tomorrow. But, oh my gosh! Spanish chocolate!! YUM!!

2. I've been really kicking back and resting. There have even been one or two snoozes on the beach! Me likey :-)

3. My Boo burnt her ankles yesterday! Silly Boo! How did she manage that?!

And, that's about it really. Sum up: chocolate (and other yummy stuff), resting & snoozing, beach and Boo. Nuff said.



femmeismygender said...

Resting? finally!! me likey to hear that!!! at ya xxxxxxxxx

saintchick said...

I am soooo jealous ! Have a great time you and "your Boo" deserve it !! oxox

QueerRose said...

Love you too fimg and looking forward to the muffin run mk2

Hey saintchick thanks for stopping by and your kind words

We're making the most of our last few days here ;-) QRx

~wicked~ said...
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