Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog fear

Well, I’ve entered blog world and it feels good. I did it with some trepidation, as I imagine some bloggers do. What was I worrying about?

  1. Being found out! Someone stumbles across my doodlings and realises it’s me! Well, this stuff can get so personal can’t it? It’d be a bit like someone your diary. But, I DON’T CARE! So, if you’re reading this and think that you know me – hello!
  2. Saying something stupid! But this is my brain on a plate and well, we all make mistakes. I look forward to reading back over my blog, I’m sure I’ll find some stuff that will make me cringe / laugh / blush.

Interestingly, the only worry I didn’t have (or not for long anyway!) was whether or not I’d have anything interesting to say – read in to that what you will!

So far I’ve “met” some great fellow bloggers and only one homophobic fruit. Not bad going in just over a week. Thanks to everyone who’s sent a hand shake across the ether. Think I’ll come here again.


Holden said...

It's good to see you here, keep up the good work! x

femmeismygender said...

You go for it honey - I for one am VERY glad you're here xxxxxxx said...

Relatively painless, right?? :)

QueerRose said...

Thanks everyone :) Yep, it's relatively painless! xx

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have your own space and to be free to say whatever you need to say. My blog has helped me in many ways and still continues to do so.

Welcome to the "blog world".

QueerRose said...

Hi Greg! Yes, it's great to have this space isn't it? And thanks for the welcome! Will pop over to see you