Thursday, October 09, 2008


Like any city, London can be hard work. I’ve lived here all my life, in fact, I’m an East End girl and proud of it. Sure, I enjoy the freedoms and choices, but sometimes, and increasingly so, I wish I lived in shack on the side of a hill with nothing to worry about except what to do with that last lot of goats milk. Oh heaven!

No rent, banks, credit cards, aggression, car, car tax, parking fines, signs telling you what you can do, signs telling you what you can’t do, dog shit, construction noise, neighbours, yobs, sleeping policemen, economic gloom, paper pushing, tube announcements, people who spit on the pavement, badly behaved children, parents shouting “fucking shut up” at their kids, crowds, bills, traffic, ugliness, Inland Revenue, restricted views and NO hetero-normal stuff! (Not an exhaustive list.)

But of course, I wouldn’t be without P, my friends & family (and their people too)…… oh, and my laptop, a pretty frock and some nice knickers. Just dreaming!

PS I wouldn’t mind a pig farm

PPS Be careful what you wish for!


femmeismygender said...

Its the lottery tonight.......

QueerRose said...

Wouldn't that be something! x

Butch Boo said...

Pig farm = bliss

When's the move??!


Butch Boo said...

Yeah but what about being able to be who you are, the bright lights, the river, the architecture, the buzz, the nightlife, the excitement, the scene, the food, the markets, the shopping, adventures, the history, the diversity, the trillion experiences offered on a daily basis....think of the small town mentality, middle straight white England, conservatism with a capital C, not being able to eat bacon without feelings of guilt and the pig muck you'd get stuck under your finger nails!!! Not to mention the amount of purchases you'd need to make on the pig medicine front!

QueerRose said...

Dear femmeismygender, well it looks like I havent won this week!:(

Make your mind up BB!:) Like I said I enjoy the freedoms & choices but sometimes London is a bit much and Id happily give it up for some peace & space. As for guilt at eating bacon and pig muck under my finger nails, er, NOT happening! :)