Friday, October 10, 2008

Talking Dirty #1 (The best laid plans)

It’s 10pm on Saturday night and we’re curled up on my sofa watching something on telly. I’m lying in the crook of your arm, my head on your shoulder, like that’s where I’ve always been.

I’m anticipating the night ahead in bed with you and decide to have a long soak in the bath. This is about relaxing & treating myself, and most importantly, prolonging the moment before we are naked together.

The water is warm & soothing. The bubbles caress my skin. My cunt is already hot as fire. I play with the water, slowly washing it over my arms, breasts, thighs, stomach, cunt.

I’m thinking about how I will have you. My cheeks are flushed. I’m thinking about how I will lie on top of you and, holding one hand at the back of your neck, use the other to trace the treasure of your handsome face, I will kiss you slowly, with meaning & intention. And all the time I will be overwhelmingly aware of your body under mine, how your breasts feel against mine, how your cunt feels against my thigh, the beat of your heart and your hot breath.

Out of the bath, I dry myself slowly and then moisturise. Thoroughly. I want to be as smooth as smooth can be and I’m enjoying the feel of me. But all the while I’m thinking about how I will touch you. My mind starts to race at how I will kiss your neck, trace my fingers across your breasts and firmly take your nipples.

What shall I wear for you? Just knickers I think, and choose, carefully choose, a sheer & sparkly, navy blue pair. I look at myself in the full length mirror – I like how my bottom looks in these.

In bed, I can hear you switching off the lights and checking that the front door is locked. I’m thinking about my plans for you and I’m dripping wet.

You come upstairs, strip and get in to bed. Immediately, you are leaning over me, there’s a moments hesitation before you take my wrists and plant them firmly above my head. You kiss me tenderly but I know that you are holding back, controlling yourself. I try to free myself, to move on top of you, but you won’t allow it. I know that my plans for you will have to wait.

You’re lying on top of me, kissing me. You tell me that I’m beautiful, I feel your breath on my neck, hard and hot. You tell me to be quiet, that I must do exactly as I’m told, that you’re going to fuck me.

My breath quickens and I’m aching for you to feel how wet I am. I can almost hear you say “not yet.” Your thigh moves to part my thighs and you tell me to open my legs. I will not, I resist you.

With one hand still holding my wrists, and looking right in to my eyes you move down to kiss my breasts and wanting nipples.

With one sweep of your knee, you spread my legs just enough to get your rock hard thigh against my cunt, you move against me and I move with you.

Your hand glides firmly down, over my stomach to push at the inside of my thigh, opening me to you. At this moment we both feel the power that is between us and you tell me again, this time in a raised voice, “open your legs”. This I do at once. You pull my knickers down and off one leg. They are wet and hanging at my thigh.

My cunt rises up to meet your hand. You moan and slide your fingers in to me. You’re up on your knees, straddling my thigh. I know how wet you are and I move to feel you but you stop me. You say “don’t touch me”.

You fuck me in slow, easy motions, looking at me. In time, you take the vibe from under the pillow and place it expertly on my clit and tell me to be quiet, that you’re going to fuck me harder. And you fuck me harder. I ride you, draw you in to me. You tell me that I’m a whore and I know I’m a whore for you. You tell me that you’re deep inside me, that you can feel all of me, that you love my cunt, that you love fucking me and that I’m yours. And I say fuck me baby, I say you fuck me so good and all the while you are looking in to my eyes and I am transfixed by you, I reach for you and scream, and buck, and come.

Carefully, you leave my cunt, discard the vibe and lie almost on top of me, hold me and kiss me and tell me that I’m beautiful and that you love me.

All I am is the sum of my flesh and blood. Where are my bones? Physically, my presence in the world is notional. All I’m aware of, all I know, is your arms around me and how much I am loved.


femmeismygender said...

Woo! very norty indeed - delicious X
(I actually wrote your real name there and had to delete it!)

greg said...

Love and hot sex - there is nothing better than that. Hot story, well done.

Holden said...

Fantastic Rose, brilliantly written x

Butch Boo said...

You so are


QueerRose said...

Thanks everyone! Expect I'll stop blushing in the next few days! Which will be just in time for me to write my next norty story! ;)

femmeismygender thanks for deleting my name!x :)

Jess said...

Hi Rose. I'm blushing too hard to comment on the content of this post, but just wanted to stop by and say hello!

QueerRose said...

Hi Jess - now you've gone & made me blush again! :) Do stop by again x QR

Kelly said...

Wow! That is all.

QueerRose said...

Hey Kelly, thanks! Luckily by the time of your visit I'd been able to correct a few mistakes & repetitions!! Please pop by again QRx

Butch Boo said...

Can't wait for you to perform this on stage in the West End! How proud am I baby?