Thursday, October 16, 2008

PM is raging!

Period Monster is raging so I'm self medicating with Revels :)

What works for you?


Butch Boo said...

mashed potato, mind numbing TV, curry, sex, hot bath, chocolate, more mashed potato,more mind numbing TV, more curry, hotter bath, more chocolate...

and nobody contradict me, nobody cut me up driving, infact nobody come anywhere bloody well near me and my bloody psycho period monster!!!


There! I feel much better now!



Leo MacCool said...

playing tag with pretty femmes!

just kidding. in fact i like endless quantities of heat (hot baths, hot water bottles, hot tea, heat on full blast in the car). as long as i have that i'm relatively content.

but you really are tagged. stop by my place to find out more.

greg said...

I really need heat too. What I also require is for my gf to not be bitchy since she's usually going through it at the same time. ggrrr

femmeismygender said...

Hot water bottle, Holden on tea/sympathy duty and a MARKS AND SPENCER CHOCOLATE TEATIME SELECTION XXXXXXX

QueerRose said...

BB, yep all of that. Especially, don't contradict me! Shame we're in synch!

Leo, the hot stuff does it for me too but then I like things fairly tropical all the time really. Thanks for tagging - must get on with it!

Greg, tell me about it!

femmeismygender - must get some, there's a distinct lack of busicuts round here since I polished off what we left the other day. A woman cannot survive PM on revels alone!

femmeismygender said...

Honey, your blog matches the revels bag! How very co-ordinated of you x

QueerRose said...

Well, what can I say? I'm stylish without trying :)

QueerRose said...

Actually, femmeismygender, these colours are making me ill! Revels overdose perhaps? Going to change it x