Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A (financial) health warning

A recent post by the gorgeous Essin Em and reading about many other bloggers struggling to pay their bills has prompted me to share something about my own financial situation. (Am I over-sharing lately?!)

I’ve worked all of my adult life and always paid my bills. I’m self employed, I rent my home and I’m in a LOT of debt.

My finances went in to a complete ditch nearly two years ago when I ended a long term relationship and struggled to work through the emotional trauma that ensued. For the last year, there’s been a down turn in my area of business, so the ditch has got deeper.

I’ve done everything I can to sort out my finances and left with no choice, I recently contacted all of my creditors to explain my situation and arrange repayment terms. I’m still waiting to see how this will pan out, I’ve already had to make a formal complaint to one credit card company whose response was….shit actually, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Until a few months ago I was depressed about my situation and obsessing about all of the bad things that might happen to me. I had tears, sleepless nights, the lot, it was making me quite ill. The depression left me when I got so down that the only way was up.

My position now is that as my creditors can’t send me to prison, inflict a terminal illness on me or anyone else, stop my girlfriend, friends & family from loving me etc etc, unless they’re going to be reasonable, they can fuck right off. They won’t get a penny.

See, this is a pride thing. I've always been proudly financially independent and my pride is kicking in again. I refuse to get dragged down by this, I will not become a quivering mess thereby hurting myself and my relationships.

I might sound angry but I’m not. I’m relieved and amused actually. What’s the worst that can happen? Bankruptcy? So, let me get this right…… if I become bankrupt I won’t be able to drive myself in to the ground trying to run my business, pay the tax man extortionate amounts of money, stay in the rat race? What on earth will I do?!..... Bring it on!

This post comes with a warning to all of the financial institutions I owe money to:



Jess said...

Wow you sound like Tina. Good luck!

femmeismygender said...

QR, you've been such a good girl for so many years. Never missing a payment, everything in on time. Since you have done everything we are always told to do, contact creditors straight away and explain you are having troubles - It's up to them to form a reasonable response. My mother always said "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!"
I'm glad to hear you refuse to get dragged down by this, keep your pride, things will change. And as you say they can't stop anyone from loving you (and we do) xxxx

QueerRose said...

Hey Jess thanks for the compliment! I really liked Tina's post on Anarchy QRx

Dear femmeismygender, I love you guys too xx

Butch Boo said...

Don't know anyone as strong, resiliant and headstrong as you!

Rat race is for rats.

Fuck 'em!



QueerRose said...

I try to be BB! x

Anonymous said...

Your words are filled with such strength!