Sunday, October 05, 2008

The UK Femme Conference 2008

The UKFC2008 was hosted and organised by my very good friend, femmeismygender, and what a blinding job she did too!

There was 100% turnout, great participation in all of the workshops, the venues (seafront and executive lounge) provided a perfect backdrop, the catering was superb and there was plenty of tea. The only hitch was with the sound recording, and as femmeismygender has already said, we won’t be hiring that technician again!

Some feedback from the conference:

The “Norty Stuff” workshop attracted some lively, and quite animated (!) debate. Suffice to say that all attendees were very, very happy with their norty goings on. I’d say more but don’t want to divulge the girls’ latest joys – they can do that for themselves! And generally, do (or are planning to!).


Issues with language were discussed. For example, the word “submission” – does it adequately describe what’s happening in BDSM? For dykes? In the butch / femme dynamic? Open question really, and one that will get some further ponderification. Any thoughts?


The “femme” and innate or not discussion was fascinating. Is all gender performed? That’s what current theory says. There was some discussion around this – is there more perceived validity in claiming butch rather than femme as innate? If there is, is it about a masculine experience being more identifiable or being seen as more valid? What do you guys think?


It was lovely to see Holden, who popped in briefly. (By the way, earlier in the day I had been given – thoughtfully, for seafront sniffles - a top class, pressed, cotton (monogrammed “H”) handkerchief and I’m loath to return it!) I suspect that H’s appearance was brief out of respect for the femme posse & letting them have their space – or was it because there was some pressing post to write? H, you are SO norty!

It’s always lovely to spend time with femmismygender, she’s totally clever and warm and a real light in my life. Thanks for a fab conference femmeismygender, I can’t wait until the next one!!


femmeismygender said...

The 'innate' thing is on my mind right now, I hope we can discuss this further soon.Thank you for being such a lovely friend Rose. Oh and I'm sure Holden is FAR too chivalrous to ask for it back (and she has a dozen after all!) especially as you didn't want the freebie I originally offered ;-)x

DK Green said...

thanks for dropping by Rose, happy to say I was already reading you on my google reader ~grins & doffs cap~
Pleased to 'meet' you
DK x

QueerRose said...

Hi femmeismygender - yep lets chat soon :-) Glad about the hanky especially because I definitely don't want the original offer ;-) xx

QueerRose said...

Hi there DK! Please to "meet" you too. Have really enjoyed what I've read of your blog so far & am looking forward to reading some more. :-) x